Student Registration

School Student Registration Software

The First Day Packet is a major point of contact between your school and your parents.

Student enrollment has been a tedious process for your parents. They have to fill out the same information over and over. Sometimes skipping very important questions and papers invariably get lost forcing them to fill it all out again.

For you, it means that staff or volunteers are required to try and figure out exactly what those parents wrote and hand enter it into your student information system. Hopefully they entered it correctly.

More than that, research has shown that a district will spend an average of $50 per student on the registration process. By going paperless and automating the process we drastically reduce the amount of money you will spend.

What if you could put more teachers in your district?


How School Office PRO can help

  • Web Based – Parents can finally complete the entire first day packet online… While on vacation.
  • Security – By allowing parents to enter their information into a secure website, you no longer need a cadre of volunteers or staff to read the paper forms and type it into your student management system. This means prying eyes need to go elsewhere for their gossip.
  • Accuracy – Because parents are typing this information, there is no need to try and discern whether that was an I or an L.
  • Duplication – School Office PRO looks at the family as a whole. This means we can severely reduce the amount of duplicate effort required for multi-child households.
  • Availability – Parents don’t need to remember where that packet was placed. It’s online and we remember exactly where they left off.
  • Integration – School Office PRO has a variety of ways we can integrate with your student information system.


You can create any type of form you can think of.

Examples include:

  • Health Information
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Volunteer Forms
  • Privacy Policy
  • PTA Signup
  • Authorizations and Sign off on Legal Notices
  • Criminal Background Check
  • And More…

School Office PRO – How it Works

First day packets have historically been a long and tedious process. It involved creating your own forms in Microsoft Word or Adobe format; getting approval from all interested parties, making changes, and sending them off to a print shop. Corrections to any paper forms are expensive to implement and really cannot be done at the last minute . . .
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