New Student Enrollment

    Streamline your enrollment process. Collect data and forms from families at their convenience and store it in the cloud. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with all leading student information systems (SIS), so your staff saves hours processing and manually entering data. Once entered, data ca

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    Annual Student Registration

    Our annual student registration solution eliminates the need to print paper packets every year and facilitates updating previously submitted information. Since your students’ data is stored securely in a scalable cloud environment, you can automatically provide pre-populated forms to parents

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    School Choice / Lottery

    Manage all school choice, magnet school, and open enrollment programs. Our system is secure, transparent, and auditable, to meet the needs and requirements of your district. We provide an administrative dashboard for approving incoming applications, managing your waitlist and communicating with

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    Staff Forms:

    School Human Resources (HR) Software. Accepting job applications online is now a standard way of finding applicants. Potential candidates will always start at your website when trying to find an open position. We’ve found that our dynamic forms engine is perfect for this situation. How Schoo

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How School Office Pro Can Help!!

The Human Resources module from School Office Pro allows you to create job listings and put your application forms online. Once on your site a candidate will be able to review all of the available job postings and quickly, and easily, apply for those positions online. You will be able to maintain those applications for as long as you want.

You can also keep track of what everyone thought of the applicant, who reviewed the application, and make a determination on whether to hire them, leave them as available, or mark them as not to be considered. You can quickly see what applications just came in and give various people in the district the ability to search for and review the candidates. Benefits include the following:

  • Post Jobs Online
  • Review Candidates For Hire
  • Audit Controls
  • Your Application Form, Including File Uploads

Manage all staff application and registration forms.

Allow staff to easily apply and register through your district’s InfoSnap-hosted portal. Efficiently gather all required information including demographic data, emergency contact information, and policy sign-offs via electronic signatures.

School Office PRO – How it Works

First day packets have historically been a long and tedious process. It involved creating your own forms in Microsoft Word or Adobe format; getting approval from all interested parties, making changes, and sending them off to a print shop. Corrections to any paper forms are expensive to implement and really cannot be done at the last minute . . .
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