School Ecommerce Software

School Ecommerce Software System

School Office PRO’s eCommerce module is a School Payment Software that allows parents to pay online for the things their children need.

There are many things that a parent might be asked to pay for: PTA Memberships, Yearbooks, Student ID cards, Auction Tickets, AP Tests, the list goes on.

Throughout the year, students bring home one order form after another that has to be looked at, decided on, and paid for. Most parents today would rather just pay for everything up front.


How School Office PRO Can Help

With School Office PRO, you can add an order form as part of the First Day Packet process OR simply add eCommerce capabilities to your website for use throughout the year.

Creating a School ECommerce form is as simple as knowing what you want to sell, and how much it is. We even provide the ability for you to add options such as size and color to your products. And by accepting credit card payments, you are giving more options to your parents.

With Advanced Reporting, you can allow individual vendors, the PTA, or any designated agent the ability to log in and download their own commerce reports. Simple. Easy.

If you happen to have an existing School Ecommerce credit card processor, we will be happy to work with them. Otherwise, our School Payment Software can provide a turn key solution for you.


  • Works with PayPal, Authorize.Net, Plug n Pay, and More.
  • All Credit Card Transactions Are Secure.
  • Parents Can Reprint Receipts at Any Time.