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School Office PRO – How it Works

First day packets have historically been a long and tedious process. It involved creating your own forms in Microsoft Word or Adobe format; getting approval from all interested parties, making changes, and sending them off to a print shop. Corrections to any paper forms are expensive to implement and really cannot be done at the last minute.

School Office PRO has two components. An Administrative Portal, which allows your school district to create, upload and manage your own customized forms and a Parent Portal, which allows parents, students, guardians and other persons access in order to fill out and submit their family information.

By handling this information entirely in an electronic format online, you remove any considerations around reprinting costs. Further, it enables you to easily allow the forms to be reviewed and even corrected right up to the minute registration is open.

    Mass Email

    Parents like to know what's going on at their child’s school. One of the keys to a successful relationship is communication. Another is letting parents control exactly what communication they receive.

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    Time Tracking

    With this module, you can allow your students to log in and submit time sheets. They can check their own progress to see what work they've performed and even receive feedback from the company they are working with.

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    eCommerce / Payment Processing

    School Office PRO's eCommerce module is a school payment software that allows parents to pay online for the things their children need. There are many things that a parent might be asked to pay for: PTA memberships, Yearbooks, Student ID cards, Auction tickets, AP Tests, the list goes on and o

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    Student Surveys

    Any form, any time. Sometimes you just have a simple form that needs filled out. You can create it in School Office PRO and distribute it to your parent population or even by putting a link on your website.

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    Document Storage / Scanning

    Parents or school staff can now securely scan and upload copies of documents, including birth certificates, proof of residence and immunization records. Having the documents tied to each individual student’s account in the cloud means that they’re always easily accessible .

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    Language Localization

    We provide bilingual forms for families. Our fully localized bilingual forms are available in English and Spanish. We understand that diversity is an integral part of your system, so it’s part of ours, too.

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    Custom Forms Builder

    Accurate Data from the Start. SmartForm™ technology, based on conditional logic, enables us to display or collect data based on previously entered information or choices (grade, activities, parents’ marital status, etc.). Get the relevant and required data for each student, which means no

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    Ad Hoc Reporting

    Ad Hoc Reporting allows end users to easily build their own reports and modify existing ones with little to no training. Ad hoc reporting generates reports that meet individual information requirements quickly and easily, allowing end users to dynamically modify and drill through report data fo

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